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Latest Heckington News

Heckington LIVES First Responder Group

Heckington LIVES First Responder Group



Heckington First Responders is now in its sixth year of operating and currently has 6 active responders.

When a “999″ call is made within the responders local area, the Ambulance Service despatch an Emergency Ambulance as normal to the scene. At the same time they will contact the First Responder who is on-duty, due to their location they can often arrive first on the scene and begin to treat the patient by:

  • Giving oxygen therapy

  • Clearing and controlling the airway of an unconscious patient

  • Providing resuscitation and defibrillation

  • Controlling any bleeding

  • Making them feel more comfortable and at ease

  • Taking basic observations

  • Reassuring worried relatives and taking charge of the situation

  • Using local knowledge to ensure that the Ambulance can find the location

First Responders are primarily called to “Category A” emergency calls. These are 999 calls which have been deemed “Serious and/or life threatening”. Therefore these calls require medical help to arrive as quickly as possible. “Category A” calls are usually where the patient is suffering from some of the following: 

  • Signs of Cardiac arrest

  • Unconsciousness and Collapse

  • Chest pains (e.g. heart attacks and acute angina)

  • Breathing difficulties (e.g. asthma)

  • Diabetic emergencies (e.g. hypoglycemia)

  • Fitting or convulsions (e.g. epilepsy)

  • Stroke

  • Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)

  • Choking

Given that more than 70% of sudden cardiac arrests occur out of hospital, the ability of local First Responders to get to a patient quickly and administer basic life support until the Ambulance Service arrives is vital, especially in rural areas where an Ambulance cannot always reach the scene straight away.

The Heckington Group had 285 callouts in the last 12 months, of which 251 were first on scene. This means that 88.1% of the time Heckington First Responders arrive before the ambulance crew. We even sometimes get called out to ‘out of area’ emergencies too with trips to Sleaford and Ruskington. This perfectly illustrates how important we are to our community.

As always our community has supported us with a passion this year and has kept donations coming in from local clubs, associations & businesses alike. These generous and kind donations are what keep the group alive, along with the invaluable time and effort given by the voluntary responders themselves.


Our training meetings are usually held on the first Monday of every month at Arion Training in Sleaford. We are lucky enough to have two excellent group trainers who between them keep our training varied and very interesting. If you feel you’d like to become a LIVES Responder please get in touch with your local group or through HQ which is based in Horncastle – www.lives.org.uk

ARNHEM 70 - Heckington Remembers

Arnhem 70 – Heckington Remembers

A review of the Heckington celebrations commemorating the battle of Arnhem in World War 2
Written by Andrew Key.

Arnhem 70 – Heckington Remembers’ was a resounding success – the result of a huge team effort. The window displays in the shops were wonderful. The Village Hall film club showed  ‘A Bridge Too Far’ and  there were two nights of nostalgia, music and laughter courtesy of the Heckington Players.

To begin the main weekend of the commemorations, two exhibitions were previewed with a large number of people attending. Linda Mallet and her team put together the Arnhem and WWII exhibition in Church, while Jan Palmer coordinated ‘Heckington Today’ in the Council Chambers. In addition, Charles Raphael gave a very interesting talk on the Arnhem campaign.

The following morning the Church was packed with children from our school for a special assembly. They also had a chance to look at all the wonderful artwork they had created, including model parachutes and yellow ceramic tulips. The exhibitions were then open, with a real life wedding taking place in the afternoon.

Saturday saw the exhibitions open all day and live musical entertainment every hour. The Church was bustling. In the evening a concert by the Foss Dyke Band rounded off a wonderful day.

Sunday saw our formal commemorations. The Brigades Band from Sleaford played on the Green as the Dakota from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight swooped in low over the village, exactly on time.. We were very honoured to be joined by veterans and their families, including two men who were billeted here in wartime and who left for Arnhem 70 years ago. They took pride of place in the Church service that followed – that included children lighting 70 candles in remembrance of the 70 years that have now passed since those dark days.

We also had special messages from the Prime Minister and The Queen. (see images below)

The enduring memory for me of the whole series of events was when Gunner Vic Hubbard, one of the two veterans of Arnhem, struggled to stand from his wheelchair and looked at the fresh faced young men’s photographs on one of the displays in Church. He recognised every one of them, seventy years later. I had to turn away briefly and then look back at this very proud gentleman who had made a long journey to be with us again. It was his friends who gave their tomorrows for our todays. May we never forget them.

My sincere thanks to the (very hard) working group who put everything together and indeed to everyone involved in what was a truly very special time in Heckington.

Andrew Key.



Heckington Village Trust

Heckington is steeped in history and has some fantastic buildings, many of which would have gone to ruin had it not been for the Heckington Village Trust.

Located at the Heckington Railway Museum, the Village Trust was established in 1972 and formed after the Pearoom had been closed for 10 years, the Windmill was in need of repair and the station buildings were at risk. Members of the Trust worked hard to save these important heritage buildings in the village which now form part of the Village Conservation Area.

More information about the Heckington Village Trust can be found on their website at www.heckingtonvillagetrust.org.uk or by contacting the Chairman, Andy Garlick on 01529 469393.